Coffee, With Donuts, Please? – The Year That Was

Exactly twelve months ago, we invited you to have coffee with Amreen, one of our favorite alumni. This year, we’re delighted to add some delicious donuts to the treat. Meet Soni, who will tell you how!

“Great! So, you help youth get into jobs. Okay, what happens next?" A question oft-faced by us, and here's yet another answer to it. Soni, a SMART graduate from our NCR Chapter, was picked up by Dunkin’ Donuts for their popular outlet in Great India Place Mall, Noida recently. It hasn't been long, and guess what, she has been promoted as the Team Leader here. It has come because of her undying spirit to excel, and a forever abiding smile, with which she leaves her customers happy and satisfied. And of course, full, after a sumptuous meal at the joint!

SMART is what SMART does – meet Soni at the Great India Place, NOIDA

Of course, Soni has a story, too. It is inspiring, and full of odds that she braved. However, it is celebration time, and we will reserve the story for now. That said, if your love for donuts brings you to Noida, please have them with some extra toppings here - the many things that Soni would tell you in her own sweet way!

We say, next is this.
Next is 2016. Next is now.
Next is growth. Next is Rise, further up!
And as we slip into the New Year, we take a look back at the exciting year that was. Join in –

Close to 10,000 volunteers joined us in driving positive change Priceless

Children picked up some useful skills in summer camps Happy Times & Good Sunshine

Our work with people with disabilities made an impact Abhivyakti – Beyond Words

TML's Business Services Group hired from SMART TMF Trains, BSG Hires

We made it greener by thousands of plants Plantation By TMF ARISE Kids

We lifted many national / int'l awards for our work in CSR Doing Good, Doing It Well

The night schools exuded the brightest stories The Story Of Raman

We are now set to launch India's first SMART Academy A Sneak Peek

SMART created a social value of ₹ 13.29 for every ₹ 1 #JustSMARTthings


That’s not all. We’ve done a number of things on the outreach front. A small gift from the Foundation, containing a new year calendar, our latest films and publications is on way, and shall reach you soon. We would like you to use them and share them with your clients, and of course, let us know if you like them.

I would like to make a special mention of the inspiring work that was put in by our associates in Chennai here. It was great to see many of your team members traveling down to the flood-affected areas of the city from Bengaluru, Pune and other locations. They have helped heal thousands of lives, and we salute them. This is the spirit that keeps us together as one big family!