School Education

The Foundation's work in education focuses upon three thematic Areas – whole school turn-around, teacher empowerment and learning enrichment. The programmes are run in both direct and partner implementation modes.

Through the school education programme, the Foundation has made the following key contributions in the space of public schooling –

  • With the whole-school turn-around programme, the Foundation has entered the government schools six states of India. With long-term partnerships on improving their quality, the Foundation has helped tens of thousands of children acquire grade-appropriate competencies. The programme has also created a ripple effect in the government schooling system, inspiring more hope and confidence in the stakeholders towards revitalizing schools as fully functional sites of education
  • Teachers in over 1,000 government schools across India are benefitting from the teacher empowerment initiatives. Multi-faceted, sustained capacity building sessions have resulted in creating positive, empathetic attitudes among over 20,000 teachers and 1,000+ school management professionals
  • The programme has nurtured a platform for lateral exchange, with over 250 government and non-government organisations, institutional, technical experts, agencies and individuals. Through the programme, the Foundation is steadily striving towards creating a positive environment for effective school governance where the community is also being empowered to participate meaningfully in school education.


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