"We are supportive of Tech Mahindra SMART programme and feel that it can prove to be useful in meeting the workforce requirements of our company. We understand that the youth selected for this programme are trained in basic IT and communication skills, in addition to relevant technical skills, for three month duration. We are happy to share that we have been recruiting trainees of SMART programme and we find them to be hard-working and dedicated."
- B Sudhakar, Sriven Corporation

"When we do the best we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another. Thanks to Tech Mahindra Foundation for giving us this wonderful opportunity of experiencing miracles happening in the lives of our clients with sight impairment through the projects that we do for them."
- Beula Christi, LV Prasad Eye Institute

"With Tech Mahindra SMART Centres, the Foundation has taken a significant step ahead in building a high-quality vocational training programme that has the potential to bridge the employability gap among our youth."
- Chetan Kapoor, Edulever

"When the heart is full, words are rare! Profound thanks to Tech Mahindra Foundation, and everyone in the team, for your great concern and commitment for the education of the poorest children. We began in the year 1993 in a small rented house with 14 children. It was a great struggle to find corporates supporting charities educating the deprived children. After approaching many corporate and failing to receive funds, we had given up all hopes. It was at this juncture that the Foundation came in and joined hands to educate the needy children of quarries, slums and villages. We wanted to shut shop and the Foundation came as an angel of mercy, and today we are providing education for 200 children. Quality education, self-dignity joy and happiness of childhood – children are sporting smiles and having dreams of better days and years ahead – all credits to Tech Mahindra Foundation for their great love, concern and commitment for our children"
- Father Gerard, Jeevodaya

"It was indeed our dream at Sarthak to place the candidates after giving them proper training. I wish to thank Tech Mahindra Foundation for launching SMART Centres for people with disability. Our experience in the employment field says that training is the need of the hour and SMART Programme encompasses the complete employability training effectively in a duration of three months. The best part, and the one closer to my heart, is that the SMART project is sustainable since it does not stop at training – instead, it leads to the employment of the person."
- Jitendra Aggarwal, Sarthak Educational Trust

"The synergistic community partnership between SPASTN and Tech Mahindra Foundation is based on a shared value of transforming lives through inclusive educational practices."
- LV Jayashree, Spastics Society of Tamil Nadu

"SMART is an extremely well thought out approach to vocational training. All the programme processes are very well-defined, which helps in the implementation of the programme. With its strong focus on quality, Tech Mahindra Foundation has ensured that the impact of the programme on the beneficiaries is real and substantial. We look forward to a long partnership with the foundation."
- Prerit Rana, Agrasar

"Our association with Tech Mahindra Foundation has been for many years and is based on mutual respect, the right values and a shared vision. Currently the SMART+ Centre is serving as a vehicle of change, with persons with disability entering the workforce armed with the right skills and attitude. We thank the Foundation for their unstinting support and leadership and sustained approach to enable the lives of persons with disability."
- Shanti Raghavan, EnAble India

"I believe, every girl has the ability to manifest her highest potential, thereby helping her to improve the quality of her life and become happy. This belief of mine is shared by SNEHA too. With constant trust and support of Tech Mahindra Foundation, SNEHA has been able to impact the lives of a little over 300 girls. These girls have graduated and have taken up jobs in various hospitals earning between INR 5000-10,000."
- Shibani Bagchi, SNEHA

"All the training provided by Deaf Enabled Foundation (DEF) is bilingual, we teach in English and sign language simultaneously. Deaf people have talent and they can work as anybody can. But they need opportunity, exposure and training. The employer needs to understand the deaf person's communication and create a good environment for them to give their output. I thank Tech Mahindra Foundation for coming forward and becoming a partner of DEF and supporting us in our work to uplift the deaf people."
- TKM Sandeep, Deaf Enabled Foundation